Ron Therapy Cosmic Radiation

Thursday 23 August 2018
17:00 CEST Ron Therapy Cosmic Radation
18:00 CEST Ron Therapy Cosmic Radation w  Mahir Kanik

Second week friday in the month
18:00 Berlin 21:30 Colombo, SL  Cosmic Radiation 

17:00 CEST 20:30 Colombo Ron Therapy Cosmic Radiation
18:00 CEST 21:30 Colombo Ron Therapy Cosmic Radiation Guest


Ron Therapy Is The Artistic Expression of Ronnie Olsen Emerging From The Heart Of Kolkata. His Career Started By Holding Residencies At Night Clubs Which Helped Him Sharpen His Skills And Set The Stage For His Audio Experiments. Playing At Music Festivals, RadioShows & Guest Permormances at Night Clubs Under His New Projects & Edits Gave Him a Good Experience & Understanding Young Musicians Seek. Ron Therapy Also Has A Mix Bag Of Different Sounds & Emotions, Ranging From Underground Techno,Deep & Funky Grooves, Laid Back Melodic Progressions To Psytrance, A Refreshing Experiment For An Individual Who Loves His Music. Ron Therapy Sets & Edits Are A Blend Of Audio Flow, Smooth Mixes With Liberal Doses Of Live Effects On The Fly Remixes And Soundscapes.
He Has Performed Alondside Various Artist Like – Zannet (Tip Records), PsyTronic (PsyWorld Records), Amy DB (Outta Limits Records), Miss Luna (ILR Radio) Xaric Xavier (Francelectro Radio) Mahir Kanik (Bridge Podcast) Ayesha Pramanik (Goa), Guen B (Antartic Records)
He is Currently a Crew Member & Artist at Cosmos-Radio (Germany).(Team India)
He is Also Hosting His Own RadioShow Cosmic Radiation on
Spread- Love, Peace, Music Unbenannt

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