Ramus B2B Das KDr

Ramus B2B Das KDr  – Das Goes To Mars

Das KDr is a DJ and producer from Turkey who draws upon a wealth of experience to create electronic music rich in groovy and emotional depth. Dedicated to the art of musical construction for several years, he is now beginning to gain the attention of the underground scene. His style has absorbed all the best of Deep House, Tech House, Techno and Progressive House of genres with massive groove and emotional shades. With a strong drive to move ever forward, Das KDr continues his quest to bring inspiration into his style of electronic music. His remix for the track “Face Me” in Ramus EP has been in the Top 100 releases of Beatport and drawn a great interest. Over the years, as he got inspired by the techno and progressive sounds in clubs where he was djing, he decided to work on his own sound. He is now collaborating with a number of records on labels such as Empire Studio Records (Turkey), KP Recordings (Turkey) and Morning Glory Music (Holland). His style that is full of trippy atmospheres blended with melancholic melodies and warm dreamy journeys combines the dark and bright at one and the same time. Keep your eyes and ears open for new Das KDr releases. More stuff is coming up and to be continued with main ingredients of the electronic music journey that keep your engine running!

Ramus is a rising new Music Producer talented in remixing, producing, lyricizing, and radio hosting. Starting in 2006, he began to make his name in many nightclubs in major locations. In these first years, he created a fan-crowd coming out to hear his unique blend of music. Since then, he has released his own tracks globally, and continues to write new tracks with various well-known international artists. His specific interest of genres are Melodic Techno, Dark Tech House, Deep Progressive and other genres . He is inspired by his own recordings. His latest tracks can be found on several major music platforms such as Beatport, Junodownload, SoundCloud etc. Proudly saying that his first EP, Whisper, has been in the Top 10 releases of Beatport and drawn a great interest. He has releases on Empire Studio Records (Turkey) KP Recordings (Turkey) Morning Glory Music (Holland) and 1980 Records (UK). You can also listen to his radio/podcast shows on Cosmos-Radio in Germany and on Loops Radio in Turkey. He says that this is not the half of it and it’s only the beginning. He is a great promise, into love of music that will embark him on a journey to new influences for moving the masses. The best is yet to come. Fasten your headphones, and ready to take off!


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